NCTL Joins Molimo | NEW Accredited Thermal Chamber | Pittsburgh Lab
NCTL Joins Molimo | NEW Accredited Thermal Chamber | Pittsburgh LabRead More

Bringing diversity and expertise to the building and construction industry.

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If knowledge is power Molimo is a power house. With centuries of industry experience, over 50 employees (and growing), multiple professional engineers, and three locations (and expanding) we have the knowledge to ensure your project is done right, done well, and done on time
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Molimo houses a full-service machine shop, fabrication shop and research and development capabilities that allow us to quickly formulate and deliver solutions to challenges as they arise on any of our customer’s projects.
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Molimo maintains a customer centric way of business. We believe that one of the keys to project success is open lines of communication. Our doors are always open for customer visits and we are always happy to come onsite to discuss your project needs.
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A Breadth of Services for Building & Construction

Molimo offers a breadth of services that you will not find anywhere else. From tools and dies to manufacture your latest designs to product and insitu testing to prove they perform as expected. From professional engineering services to erecting structural steel. There is no limit to what we can do.
Architectural Testing SERVICES
System air leakage, resistance to water penetration, and ability to withstand structural wind loads are the key metrics established to ensure products on the market can handle the environmental conditions they were intended for.
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Blower Door Fan
Blower Door 
Every building owner and homeowner strives to reduce their energy costs. A key component to building performance is air tightness. Blower door testing provides data on total building leakage as well a method to identify high leakage areas.
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deck and handrail testing
Deck and Handrail 
Deck and handrail components are critical for safety but must also withstand severe elements while being aesthetically pleasing. Molimo’s Deck and Handrail services can ensure all elements are evaluated for code compliance and long-term durability.
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Laboratory testing is critical for qualifying products and processes but there is no substitute for field evaluation to ensure that the installed product is meeting expectations.
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Impact & Cycling 
It is expected that the fenestration products will stop flying debris, preventing harm to occupants. Additionally, it is critical that the fenestration maintain integrity as to prevent high pressure winds from breaching the building envelope, causing more damage.
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Insulating Glass
We offer a modern insulating glass testing laboratory and equipment. The design of the laboratory allows for incoming test specimens to be completely processed in an isolated, clean and conditioned space.
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Material / Component
Systems are only as good as the parts from which they are built meaning that components and materials must perform at an individual level before being implemented into a larger product. The Materials Laboratory at Molimo is purpose built and equipped to provide the technical evaluations required for building products.
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Mock-Up Testing
PMU’s allow for the vetting of designs and installation practices prior to building construction. Such a critical step in the project demands a capable and equipped test lab. Molimo Is that lab.
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Safety Glazing
Molimo is ISO 17025 accredited and approved by the Safety Glazing Certification Council to perform testing to the industry standards for the properties of safety glazing materials.
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Today’s manufacturers are faced with endless glass, coating, spacer, gas, and other options for their products making performance optimization complex and very critical. For these reasons, many have turned to simulation to evaluate their designs.
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Machining & Fabrication
machined metal
When you need parts or assemblies produced but at volumes too low or skills too specialized for in-house production, we have you covered.
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Machining/ Fabrication
Custom jobs that require aesthetic appeal demand attention to detail and the skills to deliver professional, quality work. Our welding, fabrication, and machining capabilities are second to none.
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Wrench tightening the chrome nut on the blue metal structure (shell)
New installations and alterations to existing structures require forethought and planning to go smoothly. Our team of fabrication experts has the experience to understand what is required to complete your installation on time.
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Image of a broken fence
and Repair
Unacceptable damage and weathering are inevitable over time. Many of our customers need help with new projects as well as upkeep and repair on existing ones. We are always willing to tackle even the most obscure repair jobs to help keep your equipment, structures, and ornamental works looking and functioning like they were intended.
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Industrial building with red wall
When planning new construction, the miscellaneous metals package is a major consideration. We can provide any part or a complete package to tailor our service to the needs of the project.
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I outline white in aluminum for windows and doors.
Extrusions (of any material) typically need some processing for assembly with other components to make a functional product. This generally requires sawing, cutting, punching, or other processing to enable final assembly.
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Steel frame structure
Structural steel is our specialty. Our fabrication specialists are qualified and experienced having erected countless steel structures. From steel work for overhead cranes to full building erection we have done it all. We have the skill sets and the certifications to lift, stand, weld, and bolt whatever structural steel needs you have.
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