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Fast, efficient testing for your SGCC certification
Installed Exterior Safety Glazing Product
Installed Interior Safety Glazing Product

Molimo is ISO 17025 accredited and approved by the Safety Glazing Certification Council to perform testing to the industry standards for the properties of safety glazing materials.

Safety glazing materials reduce the chance of injury when broken by human contact.

To ensure your products meet these industry standards, we subject them to impact and then analyze the fragments for size or glazing penetration, as applicable. Besides impact safety, Molimo offers environmental exposure evaluation such as high heat and humidity to ensure that your glazing materials perform over time. Our customers value fast, accurate outcomes. We deliver results quickly and accommodate needs as they arise.

Fast, Accurate Test Processes and Results

We check impact safety and evaluate the effect of exposure to high temperature and humidity over time.

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  • TEMPERED GLASS: Tempered; Patterned; Bent
  • LAMINATED GLASS: Transparent; Specialty Products
  • ANSI Z97.1 Impact Test Frame
  • Boil Test Evaluation Apparatus
Test Methods
  • CPSC 16 CFR 1201
  • ANSI Z97.1
  • CAN/CGSB–12.1
Accreditations and Lab Approvals
IAS - Accredited - Testing-Laboratory LogoSGCC - Certified Logo
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Impacted Glass
Impacted Glass

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