Impact and Cycling Testing

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Building fenestration can be a point of vulnerability in the event of high winds and flying debris produced by strong storms.  It is expected that the fenestration products will stop flying debris, preventing harm to occupants.  It is also critical that the fenestration maintain integrity as to prevent high pressure winds from breaching the building envelope, causing more damage.

Products intended for regions where these high energy storms occur require an intense testing protocol to simulate the harsh conditions.  The industry has developed a procedure whereby products are impacted by a wooden projectile and subjected to a sequence of cyclic pressure loads.  This ensures product performance even in the most extreme situations.

When evaluating designs or seeking product certification important decisions hinge on test data.  Understanding the importance of accurate results Molimo invests in quality equipment and instruments as well as regular calibration cycles to provide the reliable data you expect.  Additionally, Molimo staffs licensed Professional Engineers to oversee testing and approve reports ensuring that your products are always tested correctly and to the industry standards.

Understanding that fenestration products come in all shapes and sizes Molimo developed pressure cycling equipment to evaluate even your largest projects.  Not only does this give us the pressure and air flow capacity to test large units we can even tailor custom cycle parameters to meet the specifications of any project.

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