Thermal Simulations

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Prove the performance of designs and get fast and accurate results from NFRC certified simulators at Molimo.
Installed Exterior Safety Glazing Product
Installed Interior Safety Glazing Product

Today’s consumers are more energy conscious than ever before. Thermal performance is a top consideration when purchasing fenestration products, e.g. doors, curtain walls, and storefronts.

Manufacturers face glass, coating, spacer, gas, and other options that make product optimization complex and the decisions surrounding the process even more critical. For these reasons, many have turned to simulation to evaluate their designs. Simulation is the industry standard for thermal performance evaluation. It is also a time and cost-effective method to analyze performance for a wide variety of other products. Molimo understands the value of the data obtained from these simulations. We have achieved NFRC accreditation, and our simulators are NFRC certified to ensure accurate results. Use our thermal performance testing to verify the certifications you seek.

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Test Specifications
  • NFRC 100
  • NFRC 200
  • NFRC 500
  • NFRC LEAFF Certified
Accreditations and Lab Approvals
Impacted Glass
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Impacted Glass
Impacted Glass

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