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Installed Exterior Safety Glazing Product
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Installed Interior Safety Glazing Product

Molimo is a company built on experience.  Together we exceed 350 years of expertise in the building products testing industry.  Our clients access a full range of capabilities.  We prioritize accuracy, speed, and integrity.

Founded in 2015, Molimo set out to be a full-service, third-party laboratory dedicated to supporting the construction industry with reliable and accurate product evaluation coupled with unrivaled customer service.

Since conception, our growth trajectory has been both steep and exciting, not only for us, but our customers as well.  By tenaciously and continually expanding our capabilities we have built out our portfolio to include small scale component and materials testing all the way up to full size pre-construction mockup testing and everything in between.

Even as our company has grown, we have held on firmly to our customer-centric way of business.  We always have and always will do whatever it takes to deliver for our clients.  We find a way to accommodate special projects needs or schedules.  We know our clients value our ability to deliver time and time again.

There are two things that make Molimo a uniquely capable testing company.  The first is a staff of experienced industry experts whose skill set is as diverse as it is deep.  Our clients access centuries of experience to assist on projects and tackle challenges as they come along.  The second is the range of project support services that we maintain onsite.  We feel that onsite support services such as fully equipped machine and fabrication facilities as well design and engineering skills are critical to service our client’s needs for quick modifications or unforeseen changes that would otherwise result in project delays.

Our door is always open.  We encourage anyone looking to access our capabilities to call and visit.  Phone calls during regular business hours are always answered by someone who will get you in touch with the proper specialist for your project.  Call us to discuss your next project or to schedule a visit!

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