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Do not let your energy dollars blow out of the window. Pinpoint where you are losing money to air leaks in your home or building and cut your energy costs today.
Installed Exterior Safety Glazing Product
Installed Interior Safety Glazing Product

Every building owner and homeowner strives to reduce their energy costs.  A key component to building performance is air tightness.  Blower door testing provides data on total building leakage as well a method to identify high leakage areas.

Blower door testing utilizes fans installed in exterior doorways to create a slight vacuum in the building.  Using this method total air leakage can be quantified.  This number lets us determine if the building is properly sealed.

The blower door test also allows for a forensic analysis of the building envelope.  If the amount of air leakage is found to be too high, we can pinpoint high leak areas through use of visual tools such as smoke pens and smoke tubes.  These areas can then be addressed to get your building performing like it should.

Increase your energy efficiency.  Reduce your energy cost.  Schedule your blower door test today.

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