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Decades of experience designing and building extrusion processing machinery to help our clients reduce production costs.
Extrusion Saw
Installed Exterior Safety Glazing Product
Saw Internal
Installed Interior Safety Glazing Product

Extrusions (of any material) typically need some processing for assembly with other components to make a functional product.  This generally requires sawing, cutting, punching, or other processing to enable final assembly.

Heuristic’s tool and die shop has decades of experience creating process machinery.  Our machinists and tool and die experts know how to construct and tune the machines to withstand the demands of heavy daily production use.  Over the years we have built countless machines for the purpose of value-added options.  When a customer comes to Heuristic looking for machinery, we look at the extrusion being used and the features that need to be added; this is the only information we need.  Our design team engineers then design the machine to produce the features needed, and our tool and die shop manufacturers the tool.  We can produce tools to work with any extrusion material you need.  The machinery is plug-and-play for your utilities and is built to last.  Most machines easily out live the life cycle of the products they were designed for.  You can access decades of design and manufacturing experience for your next project by calling and speaking with a project specialist.

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  • Burn Table

  • CNC Mill

  • Iron Worker

  • Lathes

  • Saws

  • Surface Grinders

  • Stamping and Punching Equipment

  • Welders – MIG and TIG

  • Aluminum Extrusion Punches

  • Aluminum Extrusion Saws

  • Vinyl Extrusion Punches

  • Vinyl Extrusion Saws

  • Machine Design

  • Low Volume Production Runs

Specialized Skills
  • Certified Welders

  • Tool and Die Makers

  • Decades of machinery Experience

  • 2D and 3D design capabilities

Completed Part
Impacted Glass
Cut End
SG Technician
Completed Part
Impacted Glass
Cut End
Impacted Glass

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