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Lifting Truss
Installed Exterior Safety Glazing Product
Erected Steel
Installed Interior Safety Glazing Product

Structural steel is our specialty.  Our fabrication specialists are qualified and experienced having erected countless steel structures.  We know what it takes to complete a job efficiently and safely. From steel work for overhead cranes to full building erection we have done it all.  We have the skill sets and the certifications to lift, stand, weld, and bolt whatever structural steel needs you have.

Structural steel can be anything from frames for lifting to entire buildings.  At Heuristic we have done it all.  The experience of our crew allows us to work efficiently while ensuring the completed structure is safe and built to design.  We bring all the capabilities needed to the job site.  Our fabrication specialists are certified welders and have lift certifications that allow us to meet the safety requirements of any job site.  To further complement our structural steel offerings, we are capable of handling much of the finish work, miscellaneous metals, and custom fabrications needed to complete the project.  Call us today to discuss your next project.

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  • Burn Table
  • CNC Mill
  • Fully Equipped Mobile Trucks
  • Iron Worker
  • Lathes
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Portable Welding Equipment
  • Saws
  • Surface Grinders
  • Stamping and Punching Equipment
  • Welders – MIG and TIG
  • Crane and Hoist Structures
  • Full Building Erection
  • Finish Work
  • Miscellaneous Metals
  • Retro Fit Structural Steel
  • Reinforcement
  • Steel Replacement
  • Trimming and Skinning
Specialized Skills
  • Certified Welders
  • Tool and Die Makers
  • Lift Certified
  • In depth experience in structural steel work
Completed Shell
Impacted Glass
Cranes Installed
SG Technician
Completed Shell
Impacted Glass
Cranes Installed
Impacted Glass

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