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Evaluate and certify your materials and components at Molimo’s purpose built clean lab.
Installed Exterior Safety Glazing Product
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Systems are only as good as the parts from which they are built meaning that components and materials must perform at an individual level before being implemented into a larger product.  The Materials Laboratory at Molimo is purpose built and equipped to provide the technical evaluations required for building products.  Whether it be pulling, bending, weathering, ultraviolet exposure or any other number performance evaluations we are ready assist you.

Materials testing requires the ability to adapt fixturing and equipment to meet the demands any of project that comes along.  To enhance the ability of all of our services Molimo maintains a fully equipped fabrication and machine shop.  Keeping these abilities in house allows us to quickly and efficiently adapt to the needs of any project. 

Materials and component testing is scientific in nature.  Recognizing that strong technical skills are necessary to design and conduct such testing Molimo maintains an experienced staff who understand the industry and how to tackle new challenges.  To further enhance our technical prowess Molimo staffs licensed professional engineers who oversee the testing procedures and approve reports.

Combining a well-equipped facility with the support of in-house fabrication and experienced, technical industry professionals ensures that you get to the results you are after.  We are happy to assist with any challenge your projects present.

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